Melinda Doutt is a True Realtor

“We had the opportunity to work with Melinda buying our new home and selling our old home. In both cases, she was instrumental in closing extremely successful transactions. During both transactions she was responsive, attentive and so helpful in assisting us to make good decisions. We truly believed that our current house was out of our reach for what we were able to offer, but Melinda said she’d work her magic and she did; her involvement was crucial to having our offer accepted. When selling our current home, she worked tirelessly with each active agent that submitted offers and negotiated a selling price that was well beyond our expectations. We told her the price we were hoping for and anything else would be “gravy.” We were swimming in gravy in the end thanks to her. 

She’s the epitome of being a true agent for you in a transaction. Our experience with the buyers agent for our sold property showed us how lucky we were to have Melinda on our side. We heard about the issues, but never had to deal with any of them because Melinda made up the difference. 

Thanks Melinda for such an awesome experience on both transactions!”